The Music Softener

MAGNETOLA is the first sensory-friendly music player that can play tracks either unaltered or, for more sensitive ears, slightly "softened". The player is stylized as a vintage compact cassette player.


The softener filter can smoothen the rough edges of individual instruments, such as the drums or electric guitars, as well as it can follow the overall dynamic of the song and suppress sudden "big" attacks (think the beginning of Pink Floyd's The Wall).


The player also features sliders for adjusting highs and lows (that's shelving filters in technical language). You can either boost or cut off high and low frequencies to your liking; we call these parameters "silk" and "wool" respectively.


Children and adults on the autism spectrum and those with sensory processing issues may find Magnetola's audio filters especially useful. You will appreciate the softener if you have good headphones; in fact once you find your favorite combination of the three sliders - the softener and the shelving filters - you can get addicted to it!


Of course you can listen to your music in its original, unaltered form. When the app is started for the first time, all sliders are in their neutral positions that don't affect the audio in any way. You can always double tap on any slider to snap it to its default position.


Magnetola plays songs from your music library. Tap on the top part of the cassette to choose an album or a song to play. The playing, rewinding and skipping buttons are at the bottom, but you can also tap on the bottom half of the cassette to play and pause music. When sent to the background, the player continues playing music with minimal battery power consumption.


Tap on the VU meter screen (the thingie with a needle) to select Bluetooth/AirPlay speakers or headphones to stream music to.


Have fun with the Fast Forward/Rewind functions that work almost exactly like on the old good cassette players. Pressing both buttons simultaneously does something, too.


Currently available for the iPhone and iPad running iOS 8 or later.


Thanks for considering Magnetola, and enjoy the music!


Magnetola's author is Hovik Melikyan, software developer and entrepreneur based in London, UK.


Special thanks to my son Nicholas for valuable suggestions he made during the development of the app.